app controller software

  • Setup your meet using the "Track Meet Results" APP
  • Activate your meet on the app & get your meet code
  • Download Meet Systems app controller software
  • Install it on your Hy-Tek PC
  • Extract the software from the zip file and open the folder
  • Open Hy-Tek software in Mult-User mode
  • Double click on MeetRegister.exe
  • Select the location of your meet database
  • Enter your meet code
  • Press Start
  • Now go run your meet, we will take it from here, see you at the end of the meet!

  • MeetSystems Screenshot

    Get The App
    track & feild results app

  • Real time results
  • Brand with your logo and contact informatiom
  • Setup your meet with the app, quick and easy
  • Keep track of all your meets results, the app will never forget

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